Stealing Jobs

Have you heard another contractor say something about stealing jobs? “Don’t steal my jobs from me.” Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, but let me shed some light on the subject and when you might hear that. In this report “you” refers to the helper, employee or subcontractor. You start a new relationship with … Continue reading


Here’s a gem. DON’T BE SLOPPY. If you start a project, whether frying up a bologna sandwich or building a house, take the time to do it neatly. Stay focused, work your attentive stamina, stay the course, and cross the finish line. Forget about the rewards; they will come automatically. If you are serving others … Continue reading

Better Quality, Same Price

​There is a common misconception that custom woodwork is too expensive. Sure, there are times when it’s costly (with bells and whistles), but oftentimes the final price is comparable to what you might spend with a large manufacturer. Always take the time to get an estimate that includes custom woodwork; an expert in cabinetry will … Continue reading

Inside Muddy Trenches of Small Business

Decisions. Progress. More decisions. Trenches. Age. Decisions. Progress. Ya know, if you own a small business, especially a startup, you should be my friend. You will learn a lot. I uncover the trenches of small business so you can actually see how muddy they really are. Fifteen years went by so quickly. I started a … Continue reading